Our Services


Sandblasting and stripping is the very first step ensuring a quality end product.  Our professional Sandblaster and equipment make sure that the surface of the item is clean of any rust, oil, ghries, old paint and any other impurities


Light sand down by hand to ensure that no blasting grid is left on the surface. All dust is carefully removed.

Colours and Textures

We have access to all colours aswell as inmported colours and textures available on the market to suit every need of our clients


Another professional, our Powder Coater, applies a free-flowing dry powder electrostatically and evenly onto the item. It then goes in one of our two Batch Ovens and is cured according to the powder supplier’s instructions on temperature and time for curing it for a professional finish. A quality check is performed to ensure client satisfactory after cooling of item

Collection and Delivery

We value your time and comfort. Thus we provide a collection and delivery service to ensure convenience and exceptional service. Subject to size, quantity and distance